Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Spacing Out with the Gemini Giant...

Our friend, Rockey visited Illinois a little while back and was gracious enough to indulge my sick twisted fetish with this fantabulous shot of one of the greatest legends of Muffler Man lore, the Gemini Giant. Inspired by the race for space, this fella schleps out burgers at the Launching Pad Drive In Restaurant on world famous Route 66 in Wilmington.

The Gemini Giant was purchased for $3500 in 1965. This 28 foot tall/500 pound figure shipped out from the International Fiberglass Company in Venice, CA on two flat bed trailers. Fifth grader Cathy Thomas won the city-wide contest to name the icon.

Location: Launching Pad Drive In 810 E. Baltimore Wilmington, IL. 60481 (815)-476-6535
Website: http://www.launchingpadrt66.com/
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Blogger sparky672 said...

The Launching Pad Drive-in website went down when the place was sold in 2006.

January 31, 2009  
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December 07, 2011  

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